Team Group Xtreem LV 8GB 2400MHz DDR3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-06-12

Product on Review: Xtreem Series LV
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Team Group
Street Price: £106inc. VAT (At time of review)

Team Group are one of the youngest memory brands around and have recently doubled their efforts to appear more prominently in the UK and EU. The name will be familiar to many and though they are not the most common brand of choice its certain that over the coming months you will see more and more of this rapidly expanding company.

Today we will be taking a look at Team Group’s Xtreem LV product range – namely the blisteringly fast 2400MHz DDR3 kit. With CAS timings of 9-10-10-28 @ 1.65v we are hoping for good things from our review sample today. The ambitious out there will be keen to know how this kit will compare to the now common 1600MHz kit. Will there be much of a performance increase? Let’s find out!

Team Group’s take on Xtreem LV.
Team Xtreem LV is the most popular overclocking and gaming gear in the LAN party. Based on the memory architecture evolution on Intel Core i7, Team raises the frequency of the Xtreem LV DDR3 by 20% from 2000MHz to 2400MHz. Also, by continuing the high frequency and low latency tradition of the Xtreem LV memory, the Xtreem LV DDR3 2400 can fully display the configuration 9-11-11-28 (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) at a low operating voltage at 1.65V without sacrificing either performance or stability. All these have witnessed the extraordinary R & D capacity and capability of Team. In addition to the unchanged genuine chip policy, Team ensures chip quality with the exclusive sorting technology to screen chips. In order to further ensure the optimal performance and flawless quality of the Xtreem LV DDR3 2400, Team applies the 24-hour burn-in test and industry-approved MemTest software to perform the OQC inspection of all modules before shipping to assure the stability and exceptional performance of every Xtreem LV DDR3 2400. The Xtreem LV DDR3 2400 from Team has a conventional 8-layered PCB design and is covered with the X-mark heat-sink labeled for the Xtreem series. In addition to the clean appearance as found in all Team Xtreem memory modules, a groove has been added to the heat-sink for power users to install fans on top to enhance ventilation.

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