TEAMGROUP T-Force Xcalibur RGB Review

👤by Vortez Reviews Comments 📅25-07-18
Closer Look

Just like other TEAM memory kits, Xcalibur is presented in an attractive box, showing off imagery of the kit. Aside from the marketing blurb, brief feature list and spec label with capacity, frequency and CAS latencies, there isn’t much else to comment on. Inside, the two DIMMs are found inside a clear plastic sleeve.

TEAM has created an interesting design with Xcalibur. The modules are covered by basic heatspreaders which both have a brace attached, which holds an angled LED diffuser to the top section. This kit is marketed as offering an “ultra-wide angle 120°” – users will therefore be able to view the illumination from the top and sides, which might be ideal if you have a transparent chassis with the front panel allowing a view across the system too.

Since the design is neutral in theme, this kit will coordinate with almost all configurations – RGB LED lighting is addressable, so creating a specific design is something which is possible and we’ll be exploring this on the lighting on the next page.

For those opting for a heatsink CPU cooler, it should be noted that this memory kit does extend beyond the typical height of standard DDR4 modules. At the highest point, the heatspreader/LED cover extends a further 1.8cm beyond standard memory height.

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