Tesoro Excalibur Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-01-15

Product on Review: Tesoro Excalibur
Manufacturer: Tesoro
Street Price: £70

Coming in at a relatively inexpensive price, you would be forgiven for thinking, 'So, how did they manage that then?'. The answer lies in the switches. Opting to use the cheaper, Chinese made Kailh switches over the Cherry MX is likely the first indicator as to why you are looking at an illuminated mechanical keyboard at an affordable price. Though initially receiving bad reputation, the Kailh switches have reportedly improved and have recently been adopted for use in various well known products. The Excalibur comes in the choice of Kailh brown, blue and red which should cater for the majority of people.

Beyond a no frills design, the Excalibur also includes 512Kb of onboard memory for up to 200 macros or 2000 keystrokes that can be saved over 5 custom profiles, 5 Modes of LED backlighting (only available in blue) as well as various media keys and 6/NKRO.

Overview by Tesoro
About Excalibur
Tesoro Excalibur is an entry-level mechanical keyboard with a number of advanced capabilities like macros, built-in memory, game profiles, and adjustable LED backlighting with several backlighting schemes. The keyboard is available in three modifications with Kailh Blue, Brown and Red mechanical switches.

Excalibur is the first Tesoro keyboard to have a classic solid look. It can be used with a gaming station as well as on an office desk due to its straight solid lines. The adjustable blue backlighting makes Excalibur suitable for use during the daytime as well as at night.

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