Tesoro Gandiva H1L Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-09-14

Product on Review: Gandiva Laser Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Tesoro
Street Price: £45 GBP / $60 USD

The gaming mouse arena is an extremely fierce market. Once upon a time there were only a handful of key players in this department but the 21st Century has given rise to numerous companies moving into peripheral production and now a ferocious battle has ensued and one such brand to join the onslaught is a company called Tesoro Technology – today we’ll be taking a look at a mouse which features within their portfolio of products.

Gandiva is a laser gaming mouse offering a maximum DPI of 8200. Additional to the obligatory programmable buttons, advanced customisation is available which includes polling rate adjustment, DPI increment, macro functionality and LED lighting.

Tesoro on their Gandiva gaming mouse
Flashy & aggressive style laser gaming mouse! This modern design gaming mouse features full color programmable illumination effect. Through its programmable software UI, users can define up to 5 sets of mouse mapping, 40 macro keys, game script setting and illumination effect control. With the superbly precise laser sensor, enable customized resolution between 800/1800/4000/6400/8200 DPI. Adjustable. GANDIVA H1L, sleek and comfort. The preferred gaming mouse for gamers.

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