Tesoro Gram XS Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-05-18
Packaging & First Look
Tesoro have packaged the Gram XS in a bright white box with a large image of the keyboard front and centre. There’s some basic information located on the bottom-right.

The rear of the box clearly explains things in a concise manner. We prefer this method of displaying features, instead of overloading the customer with information.

The inside of the box is packed with a thick layer of foam, ensuring the keyboard arrives in perfect condition, with the removable USB cable in the white tunnel at the top.

First impressions are always important, we’re taught that from a young age. The Tesoro Gram XS certainly provides a strong first impression with a solid keyboard and braided Micro-USB cable.

The small Quick Start Guide is short but provides just the right amount of information.

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