Tesoro Gram XS Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-05-18
Closer Look
The Gram XS measures 450mm wide and 130mm wide, which is slightly smaller than your typical keyboard, but the height is where the main difference is found, standing 20mm tall at the rear and 14mm at the front.

The bezel around the skirt of the keyboard is minimised as much as possible and all of the key zones are bunched together to help reduce the overall size.

The left and right-hand sides of the keyboard illustrate just how shallow this keyboard is, as well as showing the floating style keys on top of the low-profile mechanic key switches.

The top-right displays the Tesoro logo, loud and proud, alongside the typical CAPS lock, NUM lock and Scroll lock.

Just alongside the Tesoro logo is a set of function keys for swapping settings and making adjustments on the fly; these work even if you don’t have the software installed.

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