Tesoro Lobera Supreme Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-08-14
Closer Look

The layout of Lobera Supreme

Wonderful aesthetics

Removing the packaging from Lobera Supreme we can finally take a look at the actual keyboard. There is no disguising the sleekness and appeal of Tesoro’s efforts with this offering – no matter what angle you view Lobera Supreme from, this keyboard looks top-class.

Lobera Supreme follows a QWERTY design with the addition of some extra keys below the spacebar, extended shift keys and the enter key split into two.

The reverse side

On the reverse of the keyboard there are rubber strips to prevent the unit from slipping on smooth surfaces, and flip out legs to adjust the height to the user’s preference. For those that require it, there is a specifications label on the underside of the board which lists the serial number for any technical support.

Elegant styling

Multimedia buttons at the top

Some of the keys on Lobera Supreme double up to offer extra functionality. Since this keyboard is LED backlit, there are keys to control this feature in the NumPad zone. Pressing the “Fn” and “8” or “2” allows the user to increase/decrease the strength of this lighting.

The F buttons which run along the top of the keyboard provide the user with multimedia options – this is a handy feature to have at the fingertips as it means that options such as “mute” can be accessed on-the-fly, quickly and easily.

By looking closely at the characters on each key, it’s noticeable that the font is different from traditional options.

Over the page we’ll continue looking at the features.

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