Tesoro Lobera Supreme Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-08-14
Closer Look (Continued)

Onboard record buttons

In the top-right corner we have the Tesoro logo on a purple diamond steel type design. Also in this area are the usual LED indicators which tell you if such features as CAPS lock is enabled but there is also a button allowing the user to record macros too. This button works hand-in-hand with Tesoro software.

Thumb buttons below spacebar

Below the spacebar there are three buttons named H1, H2 an H3, there buttons are ideally located for quick thumb access to specific commands or macros that

Selection of ports

Gold-plated USB and audio cables[/i

Tesoro has given Lobera Supreme a number of ports to extend functionality for gamers. These ports include the following:

2x USB 2.0 ports
Headphone jack
Microphone jack

The DC-in port works in conjunction with the bundled cable Tesoro include this port/cable combo provides extra juice for charging such devices as smartphones directly from the USB ports. Without this extra power the USB ports on the keyboard only give 100mAh.

In order to obtain audio functionality for headphone and microphone jacks the connectors must be connected to the front panel or around the back of the computer. Tesoro has furnished all connectors with gold-plating and cables are braided for extra durability.

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