Tesoro Lobera Supreme Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-08-14
Lighting, Customisation & Performance

Lobera Supreme is LED backlit and users can control the lighting system by increasing or decreasing the strength of the LED, changing the colour and altering the animation effect.

On offer there are 16.8M colours to choose from within the software, so it’s doubtful your colour of preference is missing!



Tesoro provide software for Lobera Supreme which assists with the overall customisation of the keyboard. There are a total of five profiles to configure and every key except for ESC and F buttons can be modified to a command or macro – up to 300 macro keys can be assigned if desired.

While the software does work, it isn’t exactly intuitive. Tweaking the options on the keyboard isn’t as straight forward as we’d have liked and often we found ourselves resorting to documentation to obtain help in adjusting settings. The alt text isn’t very helpful and the actual text itself is too small.

One thing we’re pleased to see is the option to import/export profiles, this can be handy for transferring to different keyboards, systems or even sharing with fellow gamers.


Lobera Supreme comes equipped with full NKRO (N-Key Rollover). We tested whether this claim stood true and sure enough with Aqua’S KeyTest there were no problems with multiple presses on the keyboard.

This keyboard comes in a selection of different Kailh switches, ours uses blue switches. Kailh switches are very similar to Cherry MX. We’re accustomed to black and brown from previous experience so getting the opportunity to try out blue is a worthwhile venture and although it does take some getting used to with the tactile feedback we found it pleasing to use.

Blue switches are generally better suited to typists rather than gamers because of the weight and response – it can be difficult to double tap. Another aspect to factor in is the noise – blue switches are noticeably louder when pressed, compared to other switches and can be disruptive if you’re working in close proximity to others.

For both general use and gaming we found Lobera Supreme an excellent keyboard to use. Being able to customise the keys and assign commands to such buttons as those below the spacebar is invaluable whilst playing competitive games.

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