Thermalright Venomous X CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅05-03-10
Features and Specifications

•All new patented multiple support pressure vault bracket system, allow users adding pressure to the bracket system (40~70 lbs.), and have a more efficient and secure mounting.(1366 / 1156 / 775).
•Mirrored copper base increasingly upgrades the quality and the performance of the heatsink.
•Special bent winglet design, allows hot air to pass the heatsink more rapidly.
•Heatsink are all nickel plated to ensure the best quality and performance and could last for years.
•Soldered heatpipes, copper base and fins, to ensure the best thermal conducting efficiency.
•Six sintered heatpipe design, all heatpipes are nickel plated. To slow the oxidation deterioration to the heatpipe, to ensure longer usage and performance of the heatsink for the CPU.
•Including 2 sets of 120 x 25mm fan clips and Chill factor II thermal paste.
•Convex copper base design, to ensure the Highest thermal conducting thermal efficiency between the CPU and the heatsink.


Physical Specifications
•Dimensions: 127 x 63 x 160 mm (L x W x H)
•Weight: 755 g (Excluding fan and bracket system)
•Heat pipe: 6mm sintered heat pipe x 6 units
•Heatsink material: C1100 pure nickel plated copper base, with ultra-shine mirror finish

In terms of width and length, the Venomous X is actually a few mms smaller than the Thermolab Baram and unlike most of the coolers we have tested here, it does not come with AMD socket support. A separate AMD socket AM2/AM3 Bolt Thru-Kit is required for such systems. Thermalright employs a lot of the features that make tower heatsinks very effective, as they have shown with the Ultra Extreme many times before, so the 6x6mm heat pipes, nickel plating, and copper base are still present. However, the fins are specially designed at an angle to increase airflow efficiency.

One of the features accustomed to Thermalright heatsinks makes a comeback and that's the convex base that is meant to accommodate the slight unevenness found on CPUs. This is actually a complaint that many enthusiasts have against Thermalright, hence why lapping has become so popular over the years. In my own opinion, they use the specially designed base for a good reason and we will see how it translates to increased cooling potential later in our results. The 2 sets of fan clips is a change from the previous plastic bracket system Thermalright employed to hold fans and it's a welcomed moved.

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