Thermaltake Armor A60 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-09-10

The Armor A60 comes in a large box styled with a futuristic solider in the background - Thermaltake are highlighting the fact the A60 follows an Armor plated design. There is emphasis on the front about the USB3 which is an increasing trend with newly manufactured cases nowadays. To the rear of the box there are further features and specifications. Inside, there is the standard clear plastic sheet wrap and polystyrene packaging to keep things suitably protected in transit.

With the A60 now out of the box, its style is distinct. The Armor clad detailing reflects the whole theme. Whether this style will sit well with enthusiasts and gamers is uncertain. I don't dislike the styling of the A60 but at the same time, I don't feel its breathtaking by any means. The prominent side features a multi-faceted door panel. There is a small Perspex window and a mesh pane for the installation of a 120mm fan. To the right of these features is the "SideClick EasySwap" port for hot-swapping 3.5" HDD's. We will take a look at this closer a little later.

The other side is fairly plain - besides some aesthetically cut lines.

Moving to the front of the A60 there is a Thermaltake plaque and some funky shapes cut-out on the mesh panelling. Up the top we have just three 5.25" drive bays and to the right an array of front panel controls that we will take a closer look at further down the page. Behind this front bezel there is a sheet of mesh that can be removed and cleaned. The front simply clips off with relative ease.

To the rear of the A60 there are two circular cut-outs at the very top for routing cabling through, out of one of the holes you will have instantly noticed the blue USB3 cable strapped to the back of the case via a bracket. Moving further down, there is the exit mesh for the 120mm rear exhaust fan and then below this the expansion slots which are well crafted, they do not require screws to be secured into place. Some mesh ventilation can be seen to the side of this expansion area and at the very bottom an opening for mounting a power supply unit.

The front panel as I have said has a selection of interesting controls. At the very top a USB2 port, followed by a microphone socket, headphone socket, USB3, power/hdd activity lights, a reset button, eSATA and a power button. Quite a lot of functionality there for the front panel. Nice to see the addition of USB3.

At the top of the A60 there is an opening for two case fans. Included is a 200mm fan already towards the rear, and then a space for a 120mm fan to be installed.

Each of the door panels is secured in place using a thumbscrew. Gone are the days of getting your screwdriver out to remove the door panels.

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