Thermaltake Armor A60 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-09-10

Removing the prominent side panel, we can get our first look at the inside of the A60. It looks fairly spacious and right from the start you will notice tool-less functionality for fixing HDD and optical drive. The motherboard screw mounts are raised and there is a cut-out for the CPU cooler backplate. It does look smaller than other cases I've dealt with recently but we will find out later how this fares.

To the rear of the A60 there is a 120mm rear exhaust fan and at the top a 200mm LED fan that is again exhaust. Good to see that the fans are concealed behind braiding to keep things tidy. Next to the 200mm top fan there is space for installing a 120mm fan, or optionally you can swap the 200mm fan out and have two 120mm fans. So there is plenty of chance to customise the cooling configuration with the A60.

The fixing of 3.5" drives and 5.25" optical drives can be done using the tool-less mechanisms within the A60. The HDD method is actually very easy, you just remove the tray fit the drive and slide it back into place. The optical drive fixing is also straightforward, just slide the mechanism to open whilst lifting up and slide the drive in and lock. The optical mechanism holds the drive in remarkably well, in fact this is one of the best I've seen for holding the drive still.

Removing the front bezel is very easy, it just takes a light pull and the entire front panel comes away. To add in optical drives you will need to remove this cover, but removing reveals the 120mm LED intake fan - once again this braided to improve the tidiness of the internals.

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