Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-05-11

Since seeing Chaser MK-I at CeBIT earlier this year I was intrigued by this new case and keen on taking a closer look at it. Finally, that time has come and I’ve been very impressed by what Thermaltake have developed here. In times past we have been less impressed by certain Thermaltake cases that have come in for review at Vortez but the Chaser MK-I is a totally different affair.

It’s fair to say that the visual appearance will turn the stomach of quite a few. It sure doesn’t look attractive, but the market here is the gamer – so the rugged, aggressive styling will compare to the likes of the HAF series. In fact, pricing and size would put the Chaser MK-I up against the largest Cooler Master case, the HAF-X.

Whilst looks may not be Chaser MK-I’s strong points, the features and build quality certainly are. The interior will give more than adequate spacing for multi-GPU configurations greater than 12” length, CPU coolers taller than 170mm and a total of 8 spots for HDD storage. If you have looked over this review you will be aware that the cable management within Chaser-MK1 is excellent, it’s easy to conceal cables and keeping the interior free from airflow obstruction is customary. Build quality-wise, the case is very well made, side panels are thick, HDD cages are sturdy and for plastic, are the best I have come across so far with case evaluation.

Additional features such as USB3.0 header, headphone holder, HDD docking station and fan control all contribute to putting the icing on the cake. Chaser MK-I goes beyond what most cases provide by offering some helpful features that aren’t by any means “gimmicky”.

Official pricing is unconfirmed at this moment but expect the Chaser MK-I to have a price-tag of under £100 inc. VAT. This makes it a good option for those looking for a chassis that will house anything currently on the market, including water-cooling kit.

Bottom line: It may not suit everyone’s taste but Chaser MK-I is a case with multitudinous features and very good build quality. If you are looking for large case, with plenty of good features including good cable management and that is a little bit quirky then Chaser MK-I might just be the one!

+ Countless well executed features
+ Fan control
+ Excellent cable management options
+ Great build quality
+ Good cooling performance
+ USB3.0 internal header

- Marmite looks – love it or hate it
- No anti-vibration for PSU mounting

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