Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅08-09-09
Features and Specifications

1. With the efficient heat pipe arrangement, maximized the thermal distribution effects.
By spacing out the heat pipes, the Baram ensures maximum heat dissipation over a larger area across the fins.

2. Optimum fin structure to minimize air resistance intaken.

3. Optimized fin pitch for axial Fan
The fins are more tightly spaced in the center where the air flow from the attached fans is more focussed. Thermolab utilises this design effectively to maximise airflow.

4. The air tunnel formed inside the stack-heatsink fins accelerates the airflow.
The circular fin plates allow for far greater air flow across the heatsink itself to dissipate as much heat as possible. The design seems more streamlined to minimise turbulence.


Supported Processors
•Intel 775/1366

Physical Specifications
•Dimensions: 67 x 132 x 160 mm (L x W x H)
•Weight: 625 g
•Dissipation area: 7,580cm2

1.Heatsink- 1EA (BARAM)
2.Smart Clip - 4EA (2 x 2EA)
3.Fixing Bolts for Smart Clip - 5EA (4EA+spare 1EA)
4.BackPlate - 1EA
5.Fixing Bolts for Heatsink - 5EA (4EA+spare 1EA)
6.Rubber Pad - 1EA (For LGA775, AM2,AM2+,AM3)
7.Insulation Washer - 1Set (4EA+spare 4EA)
8.Thermal Grease - 1EA
9.Hand Nut - 5EA (4EA + spare 1EA)
10.Fan wire clip - 4EA(2Set)

As with most modern heatsink tower design, Thermolab employs the use of copper heat pipes and aluminium fins for the best thermal conductivity. The heatsink is fairly large but should be easily accommodated in most ATX cases. What set the Baram apart from the competition are its unconventional features that aid in creating a much greater surface area for heat dissipation, in such a way that the streamlined air flow transfers heat more effectively as well. The alternating circular fin plate design along with the heat pipe structure aim to do just that. Rather than creating a bigger cooler, Thermolab are refining a tried and tested design while keeping it very user friendly and accessible within the case.

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