Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel T500 Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅23-12-11
In the flesh - Continued

The ‘Realistic Brake Mod’ is also included in the box, and is a clever contraption. As the brake pedal doesn’t use a load cell, the pressure required throughout the pedals motion is the same, making it hard to tell exactly how much braking force you are applying. The brake mod changes this, and by using a spring/rubber pad combination creates a pressure variation. For any G25 fans out there, they will know this is very similar to how the Nixim brake mod works.

The included desk clamp is very simple to install and serves its purpose well. A single thread is used for adjustment which pulls in two arms, holding the wheel nice and securely to the desk.

Side-by-side with the G25, you can see the extra size of the Thrustmaster. It’s not noticeably bigger in any single direction, but overall it is a much chunkier unit.

It’s a similar story with the pedals. Compared to the plastic of the G25’s pedals the Thrustmasters look very industrial and a lot more solid.

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