ThunderX3 CORE Gaming Chair Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅30-11-23

Product on Review: ThunderX3 CORE Loft
Manufacturer: ThunderX3
Street Price:
UK - £339.95
AUS - $679

Your health is important, we all know this, and a big part of your health relates to your posture and comfort. If you spend extended periods sitting at a computer, a large contributing factor to your posture and comfort is a well-designed, ergonomic chair, but with the market being, almost literally, flooded with options, how are you possibly supposed to pick one? Well, hopefully we can help with that.

Today we’re looking at the ThunderX3 CORE, a high end gaming chair that has been developed to offer the best comfort possible without making your wallet cry too much. The CORE is available in three different styles, the Modern, Racer and Loft; the chair doesn’t fundamentally change at all, they’re just cosmetic changes. Across the three styles there are seven different colour options so you’re bound to find something that will match your style.

The CORE range offers a system called SYNC6, essentially a combined term for the 6-way adjustability that the CORE is capable of. An accessory pack is also included which contains the ergonomic neck cushion and multipurpose footrest.

Priced at £339.95 in the UK, the CORE is slap-bang in the firing line for a lot of well-established gaming chair brands out there, but with several features that we haven’t seen before, and a stylish appeal, let’s see what it offers and if it’s worth that price tag.

ThunderX3 on the CORE:
Featuring CORE.RDY tech, a one-of-a-kind lumbar support that self-adjusts to your posture in all directions, CORE delivers the most ergonomic sitting experience possible. Built with SYNC6 multi-functional mechanism for 6-way adjustability to fit your body and sitting position.

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