Toshiba 256GB THNSNH256GCST Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-05-13

Product on Review: THNSNH256GCST
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Toshiba
Street Price: £168 (At time of review)

The price of the sold state drive (SSD) has dropped significantly over the past 12 months and enthusiasts are now seizing the opportunity to enjoy SATA-III goodness. With this onslaught and demand certainly being there, manufacturers are keen to bring their products to market and furnish their product lines with what they consider to be the best solution. Today we are looking to a brand that isn’t necessarily associated with hard disk drive storage; Toshiba.

The SSD we are looking at today doesn’t hold such a memorable name as other offerings we have considered in the past. The THNSNH256GCST is a 256GB SATA-III SSD which boasts read transfer speeds of up to 534MB/s and write transfer speeds of up to 482MB/s and promises to deliver reliability for avid system builders.

Toshiba on their THNSNH256GCST
This family of solid state drives (SSDs) utilises the advanced Multi-Level Cell (MLC) 19nm NAND technology from Toshiba. With an unrivalled combination of capacity, performance and power efficiency, the THNSNH range delivers an uncompromised storage solution for high end and thin notebooks, tablets, PCs, all-in-one desktop computers as well as industrial PC applications. The small form factor drives boast a high capacity of up to 512 GB and are available in a range of sizes: THNSNHxxxGBST (9.5mm height, 60, 128, 256, 512 GB), THNSNHxxxGCST (7.0mm height, 60, 128, 256, 512 GB) and the THNSNHxxxGMCT (mSATATM).

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