TRENDnet TEW-818DRU AC1900 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-06-15

Product on Review: TEW-818 DRU AC1900 Router
Manufacturer & Sponsor : TRENDnet
Street Price: £110 GBP / $209 USD

TRENDnet has been in the business of networking since 1990. Their portfolio of products and accolades are testament to the brands success and yet unlike other companies which are crowned with similar success, still persist in offering good value for money. This is our first outing with TRENDnet and we’ve heard good things about the brand!

Today we’ll be taking a look at TRENDnet’s TEW-818 DRU – an AC1900 dual-band wireless router. 802.11ac has been a hot topic in the networking world in the last 18 months and many home users are seeking to take advantage of the extra bandwidth this standard offers. The 818 DRU seeks to provide an affordable option to those wanting to transition to this new technology.

TRENDnet on their TEW-818 DRU
TRENDnet’s AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-818 DRU, is an extreme performance wireless router. It creates two concurrent wireless networks—a 1.3 Gigabit Wireless AC network and a 600 Mbps Wireless N network to connect common wireless devices. Use the high speed USB 3.0 port and Gigabit Ethernet ports to further expand your network.

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