👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-06-16
Closer Look: Keyboard

One of the major upgrades the CHALLENGER brings over the COMMANDER is the 6 programmable macro keys, a features that some gamers can't do without. By default they will select between 1-6 tabs in your internet browser, but you can assign your own macros to them.

The CHALLENGER keyboard uses a combination of dedicated media keys as well as Fn keys. This side there are media keys to select between 3 saved profiles, a hotkey for MY PC, mail, and to open internet home page. Then there are Fn keys for, response rate and polling rate, refresh, back, forward and calculator. The large dial controls the LED brightness from off-100%.

On the right side, there are 6 more media keys including play/pause, previous, next, volume up, volume down and mute. The following Fn keys, include lighting mode select (F9- F12) Static, breathing, pulsing and spectrum cycle. PrtScr is an Fn key for locking the windows key, Scroll lock will turn the LED on/off, while pause/break will toggle between LED colour while in static or breathing modes. Fn + Insert will record macros on-the-fly, while Fn + Del will reset all macros. Pg up/down will adjust the lighting effect speed, finally, Fn + up will swap between WASD and the arrow keys.

The CHALLENGER is a membrane keyboard but the keycaps are removable, giving the keys higher stability compared to normal rubber dome keycaps, making keystrokes smooth and quiet.

The underside affords no cable routing or additional benefits aside from the customary feet to raise the angle of the keyboard.

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