Tt eSports Cronos (Boosted Bass Edition) Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-08-15
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Running straight from your audio source, there is no need for any extra driver installation, though some may find the additional need for a USB port annoying especially as it serves no major purpose other than for the lighting. Upon wearing the Cronos, the Lycra on the earpads and headband feel very soft and pleasing, providing a breathable experience. The headset itself doesn't seem to 'stretch open' though, the generous size makes for a relatively light clamp strength.

The microphone boom is reasonable and does have some flex to it, though it doesn't tend to hold its position too well, though this isn't a huge problem considering it reaches close to the mouth perfectly fine. It is a shame that Tt eSports haven't refreshed the design of the Cronos as making the microphone and cable modular would have been a nice touch. The folding design is a carry over from the original Cronos design, and while it does allow for flexibility in the earcups, being able to fold seems to be a relatively pointless feature without the carry bag being included. The braided cable is attractive red and black, and is supple enough to go where you want it to, though some may find it to be a little short if they prefer to plug their headset into the back of their PC. The build quality of the in-line remote is fine, placed at a reasonable distance down the cable and because it is light and unimposing, it doesn't cause any distraction or yanks or cause any noticeable extra weight hanging off your head.

Listening through a music playlist of familiar tracks, the Cronos seemed balanced capable of providing detailed audio, yet quite flat and lifeless, in a non-existant sound stage kind of way. This made for good general listening but lacked any wow factor. Though the 'Bass Boosted' tag is more of a way to differentiate editions, it does seem fairly misleading as I didn't experience any real powerful bass, though that being said, the bass was present and clear, though not quite in a way the term 'Bass Boosted' might lead you to believe.

In games, the audio was certainly enjoyable, with its clarity lending itself well for identifying footsteps in CS:GO with enough character to make explosions lively, but some may prefer more of a deep bass kick to drag you into the action.

The microphone by default was rather quiet, but once in position, it sounded good and didn't pick up a huge amount of background noise though without any noise reduction software , you will have to find the best balance as upping any bass boost may introduce a large amount of static.

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