Tt esports DRACCO Headset Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅04-08-12
Chao Dracco


The DRACCO folds up very neatly for storage. Another great feature of the DRACCO is that the cups can be angled/folded in such a way that it is possible to hold one driver to the side of your head DJ style. This multi-functionality does however come at a cost because it is very easy to get them disorientated and so it can take a little head scratching to get them back into position for normal use.

Normal Position

Unfolded, the DRACCO are much the same as any other headset. The cups sit on the ears rather than encompassing them so are comfortable to use. While the cups are 'closed' in nature I would expect some ambient noise intrusion and by the same respect, noise may also escape. More on this later.


Both the left and right sides of the headset are identical save for the fixed wire protruding from the left hand cup. Each cup is clearly identified with 'R' and 'L' on the hinges.


Both cups can be extended by 4cm (8cm total)which should grant enough girth for even the largest of head sizes.


The headband is made up of a meshed inner with a cross-stitched leatherette top. Strangely, the top section has a fair amount of padding while the inner padding which comes in direct contact with your head is minimal.

3.5mm Connection

The DRACCO has the 3.5mm gold plated connector hard-wired to the headset. While this is removable on the signature line there was no such luxury here. As stated previously, there is no 6.3mm adaptor included so you will have to purchase one separately if your audio device requires this size adaptor.

Overall, the headset is nice to look at. While shocking pink won't be to everyone's tastes the accents and tones used throughout the design work well together. The choice of materials is a little suspect though. The metal headband assures us that this should flex well but I would prefer the metal to be shielded or hidden from sight. The plastics have a rubberised texture to them which enhances aesthetic appeal. The cable is not braided for protection though which is a shame and while the padded headrest is nice to the touch, the majority of the padding is where it won't give the most benefit to the user.

Let's see how it performs...

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