Tt esports DRACCO Headset Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅04-08-12
Product on Review : Tt eSPORTS CHAO DRACCO Headset

Manufacturer: Tt eSPORTS
Street Price: Tbc

Thermaltake have branched out by supporting esports with a range of high grade peripherals. Today we are revewing a product, not from their gaming range but still under the banner of Tt esports the Chao DRACCO headset. Chao is Thermatake's new fashion and music amalgamation allowing the youth of today to express themselves with fashion without sacrificing the technology. So much so that Thermaltake Chao now have their own clothing range and to compliment this new wardrobe, a list of accessories to compliment it with.

The DRACCO headset is one such accessory. The vibrant colours of the Chao range are sure to raise a few eyebrows as canary yellow matched with sky blue or vivid pink, such as our sample, are colours not normally associated with the PC headset market. Herein lays the crux of the matter. The Tt Dracco is not aimed solely at the PC market. Instead, Thermaltake are looking to capture a wider audience with the Chao range, one which will appreciate the vibrant colour scheme yet enjoy all of the technological benefits Thermaltake have gained from the PC market sector.

Here's what Thermaltake had to say about their new range:


Tt eSPORTS CHAO series is about accessorizing your lifestyle and enhancing the unique characters of yours. It’s a bit of everything; from the way you dress, places you hang out, the choice of nightlife and your living philosophy. Chao is also a tribe with people imbuing a variety of artistic and street cultural elements in virtually everything, exactly what we are in the world full of acoustic and visual stimulations.

Chao is also about the influence of the crowd, favored by the majority, and share that same belief.

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