Tt eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M Advanced Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-05-16
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Simply plugging the mouse into your system via a spare USB port is all that is required, though to access the customisable features, you will need to install the software driver. On plugging this mouse in, the fine details down to the USB connector is impressive and sets the the overall tone of this product. High quality.

The surface finish looks and feels fantastic with just the right amount of grip, yet feels cool to the touch. Though I was sceptical about the honeycomb ventilation, it does actually seem to work. Though I would suggest that at 130.75mm long, this is more suited for palm grip users, not expressly due to the length, but because the height of the butt. Regardless of the adjustable angle, the high curve of the rear end seems to power into the palm of your hand, forcing you to take its entire length. Despite the accurate yet questionable wording of that last sentence, this mouse feels nice overall and provides decent comfort for long gaming sessions.

The mouse clicks are crisp and tactile (as expected from Omron switches) though things there seem to get a little strange. The mouse wheel feels a little weak in its scrolling, emitting a slight rattling sound rather than a nice, tight rotation. The side buttons too seem a little oddly placed. The redesigned base plate was to include a thumb rest area, however, it seems, in the design process, they didn't alter the height of the side buttons. So when you consider that you have lose 3-4mm of space underneath the side buttons that was originally there, there is now only around 1-2mm between the button and the top of the baseplate, and because the buttons are circular not a nice curved rectangular shape, each button is rather awkward to press. The 5-axis button seems useful in theory, yet for actual in game application, it feels a little too out of place.

The AVAGO 9800 sensor is known for its ability to accurately track on various surfaces, considering its native CPI is 8200, Tt eSPORTS have doubled this up to 16,000 and have used a powerful 32bit ARM MCU to keep it under control. Setting it to its maximum DPI and testing it out on various surfaces, it did indeed track rather well indeed. Flying through the standard black mouse mat, coloured mouse mat, white paper, glossy printed card, cardboard and the bare desktop surface with ease. Though there was a tiny amount of jitter present over 7000 DPI, it remained stable enough for moderate gaming purposes. Though at realistic gaming resolutions (1500-4000), in our gaming sessions we found it to be snappy and precise.

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