Tuniq Propeller 120 CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅23-01-10
Product on Review: Tuniq Propeller 120
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Tuniq
MSRP: Not mentioned on website
Street Price: $62.99 USD

Last time we reviewed a cooler by Tuniq, we were thoroughly impressed by not only the performance, but the sheer quality and attention to detail that the company has put into their design. It is to no surprise that it was deservedly awarded top marks and claimed back its cooling crown for a brief while. Not to be caught idling, Tuniq have developed the Propeller 120, which is a top-down based cooler targeted at HTPC users and those with m-atx setups. This pits it against the previously reviewed Noctua NH-C12P SE14, which proved to be terrific even under great stress so the Tuniq faces stiff competition today.

The cooler, as with the Noctua NH-C12P SE14, is a top down cooler with many of Tuniq's unique features which we will cover later on. The heat sink utilizes a high RPM fan to dispel as much heat as possible while its 8mm thick heat pipes aim to overcome its size limitation to transfer as much heat as possible from the CPU. If the Tower 120 Extreme is anything to go by, this product looks very promising and should hopefully differentiate Tuniq from other manufacturers.

A few words from Tuniq:

Tuniq was formed as a division of Sunbeamtech and took on a whole new direction in product designs. We at Tuniq aim to provide authentic performance through a minimalist approach by stripping down the unnecessary components in product designs. Our research and development team consists of members who have over a decade of experience as well as young designers who are able to think outside of the box. It is this unique merge of experience and fresh ideas that enables us to bring to our customers such exquisite, elegant, top-quality products.

We feel that product design should be Zen-like: simple, functional, harmonious and without frails. Each product from Tuniq aims to combine the virtues of high performance, elegant design, and extraordinary value. When handling a Tuniq product, you will appreciate its impeccable finish and will be pleasantly amazed by its quality and performance.
With the multitude of awards and acclaims that each of our products has received, we have proven that our vision and approach is the right one and we will continue to provide our valued customers with new and better products.

Tuniq certainly show a level of quality that does the above justice in the real world as we have ourselves seen a few times so let's see if they keep hold of those qualities with their new Propeller 120.

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