Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅15-10-09
Product on Review: Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Tuniq
MSRP: Not mentioned on website
Street Price: 34.99

Tuniq are well known for their high end CPU coolers and for good reason. Their original Tuniq Tower 120 was one of the most successful cooling solution on the shelves a few years ago before the flood of other manufacturers entering the market wanted a bite of Tuniq's success. Since then, their name have slowly dwindled into the back of enthusiasts' memories and Tuniq had remained fairly quiet. However the name was still akin to high cooling performance and so their named lived on. Today, they are embarking on a crusade to gain back their title as cooling champions. The previously reviewed Tuniq TX-3 has already shown us a glimpse of what to expect and now we have their new CPU cooler, the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme!

Tuniq have stuck to the same unique design that can be accustomed to them but they have refined it to no end, while ensuring compatibility with most modern motherboards. Looking at other major players in the cooling segment, they will have some serious competition on their hands.

A few words from Tuniq:

Tuniq was formed as a division of Sunbeamtech and took on a whole new direction in product designs. We at Tuniq aim to provide authentic performance through a minimalist approach by stripping down the unnecessary components in product designs. Our research and development team consists of members who have over a decade of experience as well as young designers who are able to think outside of the box. It is this unique merge of experience and fresh ideas that enables us to bring to our customers such exquisite, elegant, top-quality products.

We feel that product design should be Zen-like: simple, functional, harmonious and without frails. Each product from Tuniq aims to combine the virtues of high performance, elegant design, and extraordinary value. When handling a Tuniq product, you will appreciate its impeccable finish and will be pleasantly amazed by its quality and performance.
With the multitude of awards and acclaims that each of our products has received, we have proven that our vision and approach is the right one and we will continue to provide our valued customers with new and better products.

The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme represents a no-compromise cooling solution bringing style, performance, silence and functionality all in one product. It is this attitude that brought success to Tuniq and we hope to see the same today so let's check it out.

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