Vertagear PL-6000 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-12-21
Packaging & Included Parts
The box that the Vertagear PL-6000 arrives in is very typical for a gaming chair, the Tetris formula for fitting everything into a neat box has already been perfected. The chair weighs in at around 30kg so you’ll certainly have some fun getting this up the stairs to your office/gaming room.

The part you’ll want to start with is the wheelbase, produced from one large piece of cast aluminium, this is nicely finished with a satin black powder-coat and has the Vertagear logo stamped into each prong.

The underside of the wheelbase shows the shape/design that Vertagear has employed to ensure the wheelbase can handle the 200kg that the chair is rated for.

Inside a smaller secondary box are all of the little bits, including the bolts to hold the backrest on, the wheels, a 5mm hex key and the Class-4 gas lift. The wheels have been given a fancy racing style and formed to look like a set of alloys from a sports car. These wheels can be optioned to be self-locking for an extra $5, if you wish.

Enabling the rocking and leaning ability of the chair is the hinge mechanism, this joins the gas lift to the body of the chair and performs an incredibly important job, taking all of the stresses and strains of your bodyweight shifting about on the chair and translating it into smooth movement. Vertagear has added a fancy winding feature to this, which we’re sure you’ll like but we’ll cover that later.

Aimed at augmenting your comfort are the two pillows, one that’s designed to sit behind your lower back (lumbar) and one that gives your head/neck a rest. These are finished in the same faux leather as the main body of the chair so the colour match is perfect. These come with elastic straps that loop through and around the chair to hold the cushions in place.

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