Vertagear PL-6000 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-12-21
Finished Look & Comfort Testing
The chair, now constructed into its full glory, is certainly built for the larger human, every dimension is beefed up to allow those with more generous proportions to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Without the cushions in place, the chair looks great, the leather panels with thick stitching gives an air of high quality and excellent craftsmanship, everything the chair should.

Add on the lumbar support and neck cushion and things step up a gear, this is a fully-fledged gaming chair equipped with everything needed to see you comfortable for whatever gaming session you fancy. The cushions are held in place with long elastic straps with a buckle at the back, these can be adjusted to suit your personal needs, within reason.

Stitched into the front of the lumbar cushion is a Vertagear logo, looking very smart, this helps to align your back in such a way that you arenít slouching. Vital for retaining correct posture, something which future you will certainly be thankful for.

Unlike other chairs of a similar construction, the hinge mechanism between the base and back is built into the sides of the chair, this makes the assembly of the chair a doddle, where you simply drop the back of the chair over the supporting pieces, slide in the bolts and away you go. This is typically a two-person job with any of the rival offerings, but Vertagear have nailed it here. Constructed very easily on my own. It also adds to the clean look of the chair, not requiring you to cover up any ugly pieces with plastic covers. The back can be angled back until itís pretty much flat using the lever just in front. This is easy to find while sat in the chair and locks into place automatically when you let go of the lever.

The chair can lean on its hinge mechanism, like almost all office chairs, but you usually need to get under the chair and twist a very awkward cylinder until youíre happy with the resistance, often interspersed by you climbing on and off the chair to test it out. Vertagear have fixed this issue by outfitting the PL-6000 with a winding handle, allowing granular adjustment of how stiff the hinge is, giving you all the control you need. The spring will soften with time, so being able to adjust it little-by-little is very handy indeed.

Admittedly, the wheels arenít something we expect most people to pay much attention to, if anyone, but itís nice that Vertagear have bothered themselves with styling them up a bit, made to look like the alloy wheels from a sportscar. These wheels also come in a self-locking variation for an extra £5; these will allow free movement until weight is applied to the chair then they lock into place.

We tested the Vertagear PL-6000 over the course of about a fortnight, allowing sufficient time for any adjustments to be made and allow my body to accustom itself to the new chair; Iíve used my current office chair for over 2 years, with thousands of hours of seat time, so it would be entirely unfair to jump in and give a verdict straight away.

The PL-6000 is designed for the larger person, 5í9Ē - 6í10Ē, which puts me right at the start of this window; regardless of this, I still found the chair to be super comfortable for long stints, and if anything, the additional room allowed by its larger size gave me the freedom to move around a little and even cross my legs if the mood struck me that way. I was able to adjust the lumbar cushion and neck pillow to my liking, though Iím never keen on a lumbar cushion so that didnít last long for me.

The materials used, in terms of the foam, the stitching, the faux leather, plastic arm rests and steel construction are all high-quality and likely to provide you with years of reliability.

Faux leather can look great, is easy to keep clean, lasts a long time and offers good comfort, but it can get sticky and/or sweaty after a little while, especially during some tense gaming. A clever way around this issue is usually to perforate the leather but Vertagear have decided against this on the PL-6000. Even in December, at the time of writing, I found this chair to get a bit too sweaty for my liking. The chair I usually use has a very similar faux leather coating, but is perforated, and it definitely makes a difference.

The foam used by Vertagear is Ultra Premium High Resilience, boasting a high density and strong resistance to deformation over time. This is particularly useful considering the intended audience of the chair being larger/heavier users. The padding on the seat was ample, and was actually very comfortable for lengthy sessions, but the backrest was a tad on the thin side for my liking and I definitely think itíd be too thin for someone much heavier than myself.

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