Western Digital Black SN750 EKWB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅25-04-19
Software & Gaming Mode
Most of the high-end manufacturers of NVMe drives, including Samsung and Corsair, develop a software suite in tandem with their drives, useful for keeping an eye on SMART data or temperatures but when it comes to performance, they tend to offer nothing. That’s where Western Digital is different. With their software suite you can eek out every last drop.

Upon opening the SSD Dashboard, which can be downloaded here, you get a decent brief overview of what’s going on in terms of capacity, life remaining and drive temperature.

The performance tab gives an overview of the previous few minutes to show when it was accessed and the kinds of speeds it delivered. The numbers underneath that can be impressive if the right applications are running.

Tools is the next tab along, here you can update the firmware, erase the drive entirely or check out in-depth SMART info.

Gaming Mode
In common with all storage drives on the market the SN750 incorporates a number of power-saving features in firmware that in some circumstances add small amounts of additional latency into normal operation. In an effort to eliminate this latency WD have introduced a Gaming Mode with their WD BLACK SSDs that disables these power-saving modes.

Gaming Mode is activated through the WD BLACK Dashboard, software which the user can optionally install that also displays a rich array of drive information and metrics that are usually hidden to consumers.

The WD BLACK Dashboard has been designed to be a cornerstone of a gamer’s day-to-day interaction with WD products, and WD see it as a key aspect of their product lineup. Expect the Dashboard to roll in new features as the WD BLACK lineup broadens.

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