Western Digital Blue SSD Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-10-17
Packaging, Bundle & Closer Look
Western Digital puts its colour-coding system to good use on their packaging. Absolutely no confusion could be made as to which sector this sits in; it certainly isn’t green, or black. All of the key information you could require can be found on the front of the packet.

There’s very little to note on the back of the packaging so we’ll skip over that.

Opening up the box, the SSD is held in a plastic tray, encased in a thick, protective, plastic bag. No cables or 3.5” to 2.5” adaptors are included.

Following on from the colour scheme presented on the front of the packaging, the front of the Blue SSD keeps things simple. This SATA SSD is suitable for slim laptops due to it conforming to the 7mm (2.5”) standard.

On the rear of the SSD, the typical 4 screw holes are there for securing this drive into most builds, as well as the 4 screwholes on the sides. This is also where all of the identifying numbers are found.

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