Xclio Touch 767 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-07-12

Xclio’s Touch 767 is a mid-tower chassis that delivers on styling. Though there is possibly an overuse of plastic, the external design can be appreciated by enthusiast and gamer alike.

Inside there are features to allow easy installation and accommodation of a wide range of components including enough space for big CPU coolers and long graphics cards. One aspect that I thought was a rather innovative inclusion was the ‘Touch Panel’ found at the top of the case, this panel allows for the adjustment of fan speeds, LEDs and more by the simply touching the surface – rather like a touch-screen mobile phone.

Unfortunately there are some areas that need to be improved with Touch 767. For a computer case that comes with the price-tag of £83 this pushes Touch 767 into territories that are out of its league. Compare this chassis to Fractal Design R3, Cooler Master 690 and others that are prominent and around a similar price-tag and there is some tough competition. The price does not warrant having PCI covers that have to be twisted from the case and are rendered useless once doing so. The fans are also noisy and instead of including an intake fan at the front and one at the rear as an exhaust Xclio have broken out of traditional airflow design and used both fans as exhausts at the top and rear meaning there is no positive airflow inside. This seriously limits thermal performance and means there is no drive of cool air across the system.

Xclio’s Touch 767 is a good case with enough room to house high-end kit. It has a funky Touch Panel fan controller and some other useful features but there are some weaknesses and the price should be reduced in order to be competitive.

+ Nice looking design
+ Touch panel is innovative and useful
+ Can accommodate high-end kit
+ Lots of spots for mounting fans

- Lots of plastic
- PCI covers redundant once removed
- USB 3.0 takes port at rear I/O
- No cooling fan at the front
- Fans are noisy at Mid/High settings

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