Xclio Touch 767 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-07-12

The front of Xclio’s Touch 767 has a plastic fascia which resembles a venetian blind effect. Xclio logo is right in the centre. Each individual cover unclips from the front fascia but there are actually 4x 5.25” slots. The entire front panel fascia is removable with a firm pull.

Around the back of the chassis there is an opening at the bottom for mounting a PSU. Further up there are dual circular grommets for tubes/cabling with honeycomb ventilation above and a total of 8x PCI expansion slot covers with ventilation holes and thumbscrews. Sadly these PCI expansion slot covers are disposable and once removed from the chassis they are not reusable. Above this there is a 120mm rear exhaust fan and 3x circular grommets with the USB 3.0 cable running from the front panel.

The front and back of Touch 767

At the top of Touch 767 is the front panel connectivity along with Xclio’s ‘Touch Panel’. The ports include: E-SATA, 1x USB 3.0 (via USB cable), 2x USB 2.0 ports, headphone/microphone jack and power/reset buttons.

The Touch Panel which is positioned further back sits on a glossy plastic surface and has numerous options for altering fan speeds, turning the fans and LEDs on/off. With touch technology being so prevalent on mobile phones it’s great to see this kind of feature being implemented onto a computer chassis, to use any of the options available the user simply places their finger over the button to select – rather like touch screen technology. When activated, each button has an LED ring around it which will glow. This feature works very well and I really like it.

The front panel controls with ‘Touch Panel’ operation

Further back at the top we can see the entire top fascia, which again is plastic. In the middle towards the back is a honeycomb mesh section and the on the underside Xclio have included a 120mm cooling fan for pushing air, out and through the top of the system. There is also an additional 120mm cooling fan slot.

The top of Touch 767

On the underside of Touch 767 there are 4x padded feet to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces and 2 large dust filter sheets. These dust filters are very thin and need to be careful removed, unfortunately the case will need to be placed on its side to remove them and clean.

The underside of the chassis

We’ve taken a look at the outside of Touch 767; on the next page we will take a thorough look at the inside of the case.

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