Xebec iTouchpad Keyboard Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅16-09-11
Packaging & First look
The packaging of the iTouchpad is incredibly plain and simple, with a large product photo dominating the front of the packaging. Some potential purchasers may feel starved of information, but fear not, all the nitty gritty stuff is on the back!

Included in the box are all the necessary items to get to the keyboard up and running; Users manual, Recharge Cable, Batteries and the keyboard itself.

Taking a closer look at the keyboard you immediately notice how tightly packed everything is. The keys reside pretty close to the edge of the keyboard, with a number of keys being shortened or moved from their original places to make it all fit snugly (del key, for example). The keys look and feel similar to those found on laptops, as does the trackpad. You’d be forgiven for thinking this had just been chopped out a laptop, such is the similarity in layout and feel.

On the underside of the keyboard we have; a pair of feet to tilt/raise the back of the keyboard, battery compartment, USB dongle, On/Off switch and a pairing button. Being able to stow-away the dongle is handy and should help the clumsy ones amongst us avoid losing them.

The keyboard’s side on profile is quite curvy and aesthetically pleasing. With the slight tilt incorporated into the design, it should sit up quite nicely on a worktop/desk/lap.

Lastly, we have a row of 3 LEDs in the top right hand corner of the keyboard. Going from right to left we have: Activity LED, Low Battery LED and then the Charging LED. These are all fairly self explanatory and all emit a decent level of (blue) light – it’s not in your face but at the same time it’s easily visible.

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