Xebec iTouchpad Keyboard Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅16-09-11
So the iTouchpad is a well built, aesthetically pleasing, easy to setup trackpad/keyboard combination. However, those 3 factors aren’t everything and ease of use is incredibly important when it comes to keyboards. It’s here that the iTouchpad loses a few marks, with its’ quest for compactness costing it a little in terms of ease of use. The small backspace key in particular really got on my nerves. For those of you that are used to laptop keyboards this shouldn’t be so much of a chore, but for those looking to switch from a full size keyboard, you may want to think a little harder before putting it on the shopping list.

For £34.99 though, these misgivings are easier to forgive. Compared to other devices at this price point, the Xebec trumps them in terms of looks/aesthetics and would look great perched on the edge of the couch.

It’s good value for money then, looks great, is easy to setup and a worthy contender for your hard earned cash – just be prepared to give it some time to get to grips with the layout.

+ Plug & Play Setup
+ Looks good
+ Can be used whilst charging
+ Compact
+ Wireless

- A few layout issues

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