Xebec iTouchpad Keyboard Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅16-09-11
Product on review: Xebec iTouchpad Diamond
Product Manufacturer: Xebec
Street Price: £34.99

Xebec are another new name to the Vortez Labs - this is the very first product we have reviewed of theirs. They're a fairly new company, although they already have a number of products listed on their site, so they're obviously not hanging around! Here's what Xebec have to say about themselves:

"We are a computer component designer and manufacturer committed to bringing you the most modern and innovative designs in the global computer market. Whether you are a simple home PC user, working in education, an advanced gamer or just use a computer in the office at work. We have a product that is right for you.
Our company name is derived the Xebec trading ships that, for hundreds of years, connected people and cultures in the Mediterranean and beyond. We have taken that vision to break through today’s technological boundaries. With wireless products from Xebec Tech, possibilities are suddenly greater.
At work or at home, our high quality products promise to transform the way you can use your computer – making your life more productive and more enjoyable."

Anyway, onto the product in hand (and today’s review of) the iTouchpad Diamond. For today’s review we were sent the white variant, although black and silver are also available. Here are the full specs:

Key count: 89
Construction: Soft-Touch-Membrane technology
Battery type: 2× AAA 1.5 V (included)
Plug n play
Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard due to built in numeric keypad and 12 function keys
Tilt feet for adjustment of the tilt angle for an absolute skid-proof and ergonomic operation
Blue LED indicating pairing, transmitting and low battery
Power On/Off switch to save battery
Optimal for Digital Living Rooms (HTPC) as well as for training, conference & presentation rooms etc.
Dimensions: 31 x 20 x 2.5 cm

The specs are all fairly standard for a HTPC Keyboard/Trackpad combo board. One thing that I quite like is the ability to recharge the batteries inside the keyboard. Often you have to replace the batteries completely, which is quite wasteful, or use rechargeables. The ability to just plug in the keyboard to juice it up is really very handy.

As with most devices of this nature, their usability/layout will have a massive effect on how well they perform, so without further delay let's take a look at the keyboard itself.

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