XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-07-15
Closer Look (With Cooler)

Core Clock (OC): 1050MHz
Memory Clock (OC): 6000 MHz
Memory Size: 8GB GDDR5

The most immediate thing to notice about 390X DD is of course that double dissipation cooler to which this card gets its name, we’ll be looking closer at this cooler and its construction on the next page. The diamond pattern we saw on the packaging also finds its way onto the shroud of this cooler and offers a matt/glossy finish. The card looks super-sleek and will add that touch of class to any system configuration.

We’ve seen many graphics cards omit any sign of a backplate – they are often bare, but this is not so with the 390X DD. Fixed onto the back of the PCB there is a large aluminium plate with some ventilation cut-outs and a large XFX emblem. This plate doubles up to offer rigidity and protection against any knocks or scratches. Again, even with the aesthetics on the reverse, XFX has nailed it!

390X DD measures 29.5x14.3x4.2 cm. observing the physical dimensions reveals quite a short graphics card. Both the heatsink and shroud sit beneath the Rear IO.

Our card uses the new Ghost 3.0+ thermal design (more on this over the page) which takes advantage of twin 90mm cooling fans.

Focusing our attention on the IO area there are an assortment of different ports available.

• Dual-Link DVI (Up to 3K @ 60Hz)
• HDMI 1.4a (Up to 4K @ 24Hz)
• DisplayPort 1.2 (Up to 4K @ 60Hz)

To get the most out of this card, if you’re using a 4K monitor it’s better to use a DP cable as 60Hz is an option – unlike HDMI which only supports lower refresh rates.

On the back edge of the card we have 8+6-pin PCI Express ports. To ensure proper stability, AMD recommend 750W power supply with 50A on the +12v rail.

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