Xilence Interceptor Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-07-12
Packaging & First Look

Interceptor is presented in a large double-reinforced box. Care has been taken with the design and it is very attractive the front has an illustration of Interceptor with some of the features listed and Xilence Facebook page and website listed with a QR code this QR code takes you directly to the Interceptor landing page.

The rear of the box has a run-down of the significant features along with representative pictures.

Inside the box the case is very well padded with Styrofoam pillars and extra sheets. The feet for Interceptor are separated from the chassis and found in a box at the very top of the case packaging.

Interceptor packaging catches the eye

Removing the Interceptor case from its packaging we can gain an initial impression. Interceptor is rather large and is actually classified as HPTX, its styling is certainly on the gamer side of case design being rugged and burly. The prominent side panel has a large perforated mesh region and a long rectangular Perspex cut-out for a sneak glimpse inside the chassis. The mesh area has a removable dust filter and can accommodate 2x 120mm/2x 140mm/1x 230mm cooling fans.

Over on the other side of Inteceptor there is a solid steel side panel with no significant features besides a convex area for assisting with better cable management.

Both side panels are solid steel and have a red strip running along the top. From an initial look the Interceptor looks fierce, well-built and a serious contender for the gaming chassis crown.

The prominent side panel with side grill

Removable dust filter for side

Rugged, burly design takes the spotlight

On the next page we will continue our tour of the exterior and explore all features.

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