👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅11-03-19
Packaging & Product
XPG love to keep their packaging clean and simple, using a black and red theme with an image of the module on the front. The speed and capacity are listed on the front, but 8GB x2 could have (16GB) after it to help avoid any confusion. That could mean 8GB in two DIMMs or 16GB in two DIMMs.

Flipping the packet over, the module’s warranty stickers are visible but there’s almost no extra information about the DIMMs here.

Looking at the modules, the PCBs are black, onto which XPG have mounted their wing-shaped heatspreaders with the black plastic insert across the top.

The front and rear of the sticks are identical, apart from the warranty sticker.

We feel they’ve placed the sticker on the wrong side, with it facing to the right when the sticks are installed in your system; this will typically end up facing the user instead of towards the CPU cooler. A minor detail, but something we’ve noticed none-the-less.

Across the top, the design is quite busy with lines and indents but the simple, white XPG logo attracts the eye in the centre.

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