👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅30-01-19

Product on Review: XPG INFAREX M20
Manufacturer: XPG
Street Price: £24.99

A couple of months back, ADATA, XPG’s parent company, announced the INFAREX M20 gaming mouse and today we get to take a look at the ins and outs to pass our verdict.

The INFAREX M20 approaches the mouse market with a basic, yet focussed feature set, aimed specifically at budding gamers wanting a no-nonsense mouse that will provide them with what they need in-game without costing a fortune or providing anything gimmicky which may increase the price but not necessarily performance.

Under the hood are OMRON switches, rated to 20,000,000 clicks each, providing a substantial amount of time before they even begin to show their age. Along with the switches from a reputable brand used throughout the gaming industry, there’s a 5000 DPI optical sensor with 5 DPI presets, a 1000Hz polling rate and a full range of RGB lighting.

The M20 weighs in at 160g, putting it firmly in the weighty camp for gaming mice. Pair that with the relatively large 132mm x 69mm dimensions and it’s immediately apparent that this device is tailored users with large hands.

While the £25 price tag might suggest lacklustre performance compared to the big brands in the peripheral industry, that is in no way guaranteed and may be the exact opposite. Let’s throw it into some games and see how it fares.

XPG on the INFAREX M20:
Your skills on the battlefield are only as good as the weapons you use. Upgrade your arsenal with the XPG INFAREX M20 gaming mouse! Featuring OMRON switches tested to 20 million clicks, a 5,000 DPI sensor, and RGB lighting, the INFAREX M20 will help bring your gaming to the next level.

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