XPG Spectrix D40 DDR4 Memory Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅06-06-18

Product on Review: XPG Spectrix D40
Manufacturer: XPG
Street Price: £329.99 / $438.99

XPG are a company who specialise in flash format PC storage and high performance system memory, tending to use flashy styling and plenty of lights. Today we look at the XPG Spectrix D40 RGB DDR4 memory, an RGB memory kit designed for enthusiasts and gamers in with an eye for aesthetics.

The Spectrix D40 kit is available from 8GB up to 64GB and speeds varying between 2400MHz up to a massive 4400MHz. We’ve been provided a 32GB – 2400MHz kit for testing, which should strike a good balance between capacity and performance.

XMP 2.0 is supported, minimising any time spent in the BIOS once the RAM is installed, as well as featuring a 10-layer PCB for enhanced stability and overclocking. AMD and Intel DDR4 systems are also all supported.

The RGB lighting is configured within 5 separate zones on top of each stick, customisable through Windows software, or via ASUS Aura Sync on ASUS motherboards. We’ll take a proper look at the RGB features within our review.

The provided kit, as mentioned, runs at 2400MHz, but only requires 1.2v to do so; we’ll also delve into the overclocking side, with a small voltage increase, to see how well those heatspreaders can dissipate any extra heat and observe the top-end performance of the kit.

Let’s plug it in, turn it on and see how it performs.

XPG on the Spectrix D40:
As the first DDR4 RGB memory by XPG, SPECTRIX D40 integrates stunning performance and visual beauty in an armor-inspired heatsink - perfect for PC DIY enthusiasts, overclockers, and gamers! D40 has been fully tested compatible with popular ASUS AURA Sync software, enabling users to customize proprietary RGB colors and effects to match their systems. In addition, D40 features speeds of over 4000MHz with support for the Intel X299 platform with a starting speed of 2666MHz. It is also compatible with AMD AM4 motherboards. With Intel XMP 2.0 and 10-layer PCBs, D40 enhances overclocking as well as system stability. Like all ADATA memory modules, SPECTRIX D40 comes with a lifetime warranty backed by excellent service for maximum peace of mind.

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