XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-06-18
Packaging & Product
A black and red theme to the packaging is the norm for XPG, with a touch of RGB. There’s an almost 1:1 scale image of the RAM stick on the front with some information relating to manufacturer support, however, the indication of capacity in the bottom-right is a little confusing.

XPG love adding a flip-up flap on the front of their packaging, with the Spectrix D41 being no exception.

The striking red design looks excellent, with a very bright paint finish applied. The large heat spreader should also help with temperatures when overclocking.

The symmetrical design is only disturbed by a sticker; you’ll be glad to know this faces the left-side of most motherboard layouts so shouldn’t be immediately visible when looking into your case.

XPG have also flipped the logo on top of the RGB strips, this aligns itself much better with a traditional system layout, with the logo now being 90° counter-clockwise.

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