XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-06-18
Lighting & Overclocking
Feast your eyes on this short video, playing through some of the more extravagant lighting effects built into the software.

Just like we saw with the Spectrix D40 set, the full height heatspreader, paired with a stock 1.2v seemingly left some headroom to allow overclocking. Most RAM kits run at 1.35v for an overclock above JEDEC standards, therefore we deem this a safe voltage to use for a 24/7 overclock.

We began by trying for 3000MHz at stock timings; 3000MHz is generally regarded as a solid base for any modern system. During testing we found zero issues with this frequency so tried to push further.

3200MHz was the next target, again with stock timings. Our testing was going well until a hard lockup happened, forcing a restart and reset of the settings. We then aimed for 3133MHz, at stock timings again, using only 1.35v.

We found perfect stability with this overclock, representing a 466MHz overclock without affecting the timings.

Our Cinebench R15 CPU scores are below, as well as stock vs overclocked AIDA64 Memory Benchmark results:

Stock Result

Overclocked Result

Stock vs Overclocked

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