Y-Cam Bullet HD 1080 (2nd Gen) Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-10-14

Product on Review: Bullet HD 1080 (2nd Gen)
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Y-Cam
Street Price: £300 GBP / $420 USD

Y-Cam has had a phenomenal precedence since their arrival to the surveillance market back in 2007. Their popularity has increased significantly after appearing on popular TV programmes such as The Gadget Show and we’ve experienced first-hand how brilliant their products are in the last couple of years with the Bullet HD 1080 and Cube HD 1080.

Nowadays good hardware isn’t difficult to acquire, it’s the software which is the crucial element which many companies fall flat on their faces with. Y-Cam has demonstrated their prowess in both departments and today’s product review seeks to highlight this very fact.

Earlier this year, Y-Cam announced their 2nd Generation Bullet HD 1080 – A revised version of the original Bullet HD 1080, with some key improvements. Y-Cam has carefully refined the original camera by tweaking minor elements, the most obvious difference is the visual appearance; the camera now has an elegant, subtle style with much smaller dimensions and yet it appears that quality hasn’t been compromised upon.

Y-Cam on their Bullet HD 1080 2nd Generation
The 2nd generation of our award winning and hugely successful Y-cam Bullet HD is smaller, sleeker and smarter than ever! Designed for IP camera users who are seeking a feature-packed professional network camera, the Y-cam Bullet HD range offers high quality HD images and wide compatibility.

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