ZOTAC GTX590 3GB Graphics Card Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅13-06-11
Packaging and Content

The front of the box

ZOTAC have packaged their GTX590 in a very unique and stylish box that unlike most of its competitors remains simplistic but effective. The yellow and silver coloured finish reflects the company colours and makes for an attractive look. The box itself is wrapped by a cut out that simply slips onto it. This is also where all the cardís features and specifications have been printed. On the front, the model of the card is boldly displayed and small illustrations of the cardís supported features are also depicted at the top and bottom. The card comes with a standard two year warranty but as shown by the Extended Warranty badge, ZOTAC add a further three years on top to those who register the card.

The back of the box

At the back, the features and specifications are listed in 12 languages. ZOTAC have used the space to showcase how their graphics card can enhance gaming experience through stunning gaming effects thanks to 3D and DX11 support.

The specifications

Taking a closer look, the key features lists all the supported standards such as SLI, 3D Vision Surround, PhysX technology and CUDA technology.

Removing the sleeve

Removing the sleeve reveals the actual box with its cloth weave pattern. It retains a very clean look with only the ZOTAC emblem stuck on to finish it off. The front flap uses two small magnets to keep the lid closed. Itís a welcoming change from traditional cardboard side inserts that tend to become an annoyance when opening and closing the box. With the ZOTAC, little effort is required to do so and it makes for an impeccable finish.

Opening the box

Inside, a thin rectangular box holds the bundle and accessories with two punched holes to ease removal to gain access to the graphics card. Below is the GTX590 house in foam and an additional plastic cover for more than adequate protection. Although hardly the highlight of the review, ZOTAC have to be commended for providing one of the best packaging Iíve seen to date.

The bundle

The bundle by ZOTAC is very similar to their previous offerings. The whole package includes:

- 1 x Driver disc
- 1 x DVI to HDMI cable
- 2 x Dual 6-pin PCIe to 8-pin PCIe power cable
- User manual
- Zotac Boost Premium
- Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood game CD-key
- 1 x Nvidia GeForce GTX590

A nice addition is the DVI to HDMI cable which isnít something Iíve seen bundled previously.

The GTX590

The ZOTAC GTX590 follows Nvidiaís reference design, using the same shroud and cooler as well as the PCB design. The graphics art carries on the black and yellow theme attributed to the brand and front box cover. The shroud is fairly uniquely designed such that the central area where the fan is located is slightly depressed and a raided curved lip is present at the IO side of the shroud which may help direct airflow. The card is just under 280mm in length making it only marginally longer than a reference AMD HD6970. The benefit is improved compatibility in cases without having to move hard drive bays and the likes.

The back of the card

At the back, there are two separate metal back plates covering the memory modules on the back of the PCB. Nvidia have opted for two pieces rather than a single one covering the entire length of the card. The reason is not clear but it may well be a cost cutting method. These are attached by torx screws. The back plates should provide additional cooling and structural support.

Part of the VRM circuitry

The middle of the PCB reveals part of the VRM circuitry

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