ZOTAC GTX650 Ti AMP! Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅07-10-12
Rather than trim back the GK104 found on the GTX680/670, the GTX650 features the same GK106 core found in the GTX660, a totally new processing unit.

The GK106 core still retains many of the features found on the flagship GK104 processor. SMX performance features are still there offering more shader, texture and processing performance while consuming less power than previous DX11 GPU's. Indeed, NVIDIA claim that the new Kepler core is capable of delivering twice the performance/watt ratio than the 1st gen DX11 graphics cards!

The new GTX650 contains four of these SMX units which gives us a total of 768 CUDA cores and 64 texture units. The GTX650 ships with a 128-bit memory interface spread over two 64-bit memory controllers, which allows NVIDIA to support mixed density memory modules (2GB instead of 1.5GB). The reference design ships with just 1GB of GDDR5 however, our ZOTAC AMP! editon has twice this amount.

Missing Feature
Sadly, the GPU Boost feature found in higher end GeForce offerings is disabled so overclocking the card, at least at the time of this review was not available. This is discussed more in the 'Overclocking' section of the review.

ZOTAC GTX650 Ti AMP! Specification

Graphics Processing Clusters 3
SMXs 4
CUDA Cores 768
Texture Units 64
ROP Units 16
Base Clock 1033 MHz
Boost Clock NA
Memory Clock (Data rate)6200 MHz
L2 Cache Size 256KB
Video Memory 2048MB GDDR5
Memory Interface 128-bit
Total Memory Bandwidth 99.2 GB/s
Fabrication Process 28 nm
Transistor Count 2.54 Billion
Connectors 2 x Dual-Link 2 x HDMI
Form Factor Dual Slot
Power Connectors 1 x 6-pin
Recommended Power Supply 400 Watts
Thermal Design Power 110 Watts
Thermal Threshold 98 C

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