👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅28-03-15
Packaging & Accessories

ZOTAC packaging in years gone by have traditionally not strayed far from the NVIDIA reference packaging. What we have here however is immense. The packaging is oversized and more akin to a laptop box rather than a graphics card! The outer skin has cut-outs to reveal a dimpled, luxury box beneath. The AMP! Extreme moniker tells us that this is a special product if the size of the box wasn't already giving you that message. We also see that ZOTAC have added features such as OCplus Ice Storm cooling and Light.id. This along with an extended 5 year warranty rounds off the info on the front of the package.

The rear of the package goes into greater detail regarding the feature set but adds more information regarding the system requirements and additional key features such as Power+ and Firestorm overclocking utility.

The inner box is an example of what we would like to see other manufacturers use. Rather than a boring old cardboard box, we get a flip lid, suitcase-esque example. Inside the contents are held firm with a compartmentalised foam brace with further protective anti-static padded sleeve for the GPU itself.

The accessory list comprises of 2 twin Molex to 8pin PCIe power cables, a micro USB cable for the OC+ module, DVI-VGA adaptor, case sticker, utility/driver CD and a plethora of manuals and warranty cards. One of the best packages we have seen to date. Well done ZOTAC!

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