Zotac ION ITX A Series Motherboard Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅29-09-09

The Zotac ION ITX A Series is a very clever piece of hardware that ticks virtually every box its target audience would want addressed.

Yes it’s not a gaming monster and the ability to upgrade it is virtually absent but that is not the point here.

It is compact and is able to dispatch HD material with ease. It’s layout is well thought out and largely uncluttered.

The Zotac ION ITX A Series Motherboard.

I can honestly recommend the motherboard to anyone looking for a compact HTPC motherboard solution. Yes the ION ITX A Series does have some negative points... but for the market it is aimed at it gets a well deserved ‘Gold’ award from me!


- It runs quietly
- Is relatively affordable (considering size and PSU solution)
- Is capable with HD
- Uses electricity sparingly
- 90w PSU provides nice headroom for larger systems
- Works very nicely out of the box
- Zotac’s excellent 5 year warranty cover


- Not a gaming machine
- Very limited power for video editing and encoding
- Upgradeability very limited

Vortez Hardware would like to thank Zotac for supplying the ION ITX A Series motherboard for review. To Discuss this review please visit our forum.

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