ZOTAC ZBOX nano AD12 PLUS Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅11-10-12
Packaging and Contents

Just as with the AD11, ZOTAC have packaged the ZBOX nano AD12 PLUS to look immediately inviting. Superficial similarities to other ZBOX nano packaging may mean you have to be a little careful to differentiate them if multiples are on the same store shelf.

The packaging contents and capabilities list is pretty detailed, with PLUS models also listing the included RAM and HDD. It's not quite clear that 802.11n Wifi is via a built-in WiFi module rather than USB but that's not likely to be an issue to most; on the other hand Gigabit LAN, an IR Remote Control and VESA mount are all clearly listed.

The rear of the box showcases images of system connectivity and I/O, technical specifications for which are on the right-hand edge. We note that ZOTAC haven't mentioned the size of the VESA mounting system externally, which could prove to be awkward to those seeking to mount their AD12 PLUS on the rear of a monitor or (especially) a flat panel TV. Overall, it's pretty comprehensive.

Included in the ZBOX nano AD12 PLUS pack is the following hardware:

The AD12 unit,
3-pin 'Clover leaf' power lead with region-specific plug,

External PSU with DC-out rated at:
- Input: 100-240V ~1.5A
- Output: 19V ~3.42A

802.11n WiFi antenna,
Optical mini-SPDIF to SPDIF Adaptor for audio-out combo port,
ZOTAC branded IR remote /w 2*CR2032 button batteries,
USB IR Adapter for IR remote,
100mm x 100mm / 75mm x 75mm VESA mount /w 4 screws

Note: an HDMI or DisplayPort cable is not included and would need to be sourced elsewhere.

Additional software is also included in the form of a driver and utility DVD. We should note that installing drivers from the disc requires that they be installed from the DVD rather than copied to removable storage; those without access to an external DVD drive will need to download all available drivers from ZOTAC.com. The bundled manual takes you through BIOS set-up and OS installation via DVD, whilst stipulating that the system only supports Windows 7; no doubt Windows 8 drivers will be forthcoming in the future.

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