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Vortez values the importance of protecting the privacy of its users. Vortez only collects information which is offered voluntarily or during registration period. This is generally only for the sole purpose of validating the user during registration. Personal information is treated with the utmost confidentially. We consider the following to be personal information: your name, address, phone number, date of birth and your e-mail address. This information is required also for competitions. This information is obtained and destroyed afterwards. This information will NOT be sold or disclosed to a third party under ANY circumstances.


Just like many other websites we use cookies to allow our website to operate correctly and to enhance the user experience. We use the following:

- PHPSESSID: Native to PHP - enabling our website to store serialised state data. This is simply a session cookie.
- OAID: Associated with our advertising software - this records whether specific ads are displayed and reports back on performance.
- Google Analytics: Used to obtain website traffic statistics - anonymous data is reported regarding views and visits to our website.
- DISQUS: Users can choose to comment on our articles by signing in to social media websites to post messages.

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