AMD Fury R9 Fury X2 Delayed to Q2 2016

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27.12.2015 19:55:16

Earlier in December we reported that AMD's yet to be released dual-GPU aka R9 Fury X2 could make an appearance before the end of the year. Unfortunately, even a paper based launch looks to be out of the question. AMD has confirmed in an exclusive interview with that there is a delay for their flagship release with a prospective date now slotting into Q2 2016.

AMD's CEO Lisa Su has stated that AMD has been forced to reschedule the release of "Gemini" (The codename for R9 Fury X2):

"On the E3 Livecast, Lisa committed to shipping Fiji Gemini by Xmas. What happened? Is Fiji Gemini delayed?"

Lisa Su (AMD):
"The product schedule for Fiji Gemini had initially been aligned with consumer HMD (Head Mounted Display) availability, which had been scheduled for Q415 back in June. Due to some delays in overall VR (Virtual Reality) ecosystem readiness, HMDs are now expected to be available to consumers by early Q216. To ensure the optimal VR experience, we’re adjusting the Fiji Gemini launch schedule to better align with the market.

Working samples of Fiji Gemini have shipped to a variety of B2B customers in Q415, and initial customer reaction has been very positive."

It's highly likely that AMD may use the CES 2016 stage to tease R9 Fury X2 - we'll be keeping a close eye at the developments in Las Vegas in two weeks time, so watch this space...

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