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The NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 4090 options in the market today are mostly massive with more than 3X PCI-E slot thickness for air-cooled models. If you are looking for one that’s slimmer and lighter, the liquid-cooled models are the only options – one of which is the INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 4090 iCHILL BLACK graphics card. It features a hybrid cooling solution, a combination of liquid cooling and air cooling elements, developed by ARCTIC Cooling. INNO3D is one of the few brands that launched liquid-cooled RTX 40 graphics cards on launch day.

Press Release
Brutal by Nature – Cooled by ARCTIC
We love innovative projects and enthusiastically took on the challenge of taming NVIDIA’s power-hungry new release. Working closely with INNO3D, we created an efficient liquid cooling system for graphics cards. With technical know-how, in cooling combined with a clean, uncluttered design and straight lines and edges, the INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 4090 iCHILL BLACK graphics card is rightfully called “Brutal by Nature”.

We would like to thank INNO3D for their very good collaboration.

Clean and sleek iCHILL BLACK
The new INNO3D GeForce RTX 4090 iCHILL BLACK features a hybrid cooling solution that combines quiet airflow with powerful water cooling. We have been creating cooling solutions for computer hardware for over 20 years. Successful products such as the P-Series fans as well as the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II have found enormous appeal in the hardware industry. We set out to combine the successful aspects of these products to create a high-performance GPU cooler.

The new iCHILL BLACK offers excellent cooling performance with an updated AIO and radiator design. The fan blades of the P-Fans deliver an especially focused airflow and thus high static pressure, so INNO3D fans can enjoy extreme gaming with guaranteed efficient cooling.

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